Telcoroute ensures special solutions for your needs with special datacenter services. We make partnership agreements with the best datacenter companies in order to ensure safe and continuous access for you. We choose the best quality and economic datacenter provider and control regularly and manage the whole system. All your data is in safe with Telcoroute.

Server Hosting

Telcoroute secures your servers in the safest datacenter. According to your needs, we can rent you server to ensure the best service with low cost. This is a very special service for your servers that are vital and require continuous access.

Datacenter Services

Telcoroute is a reliable datacente consultant for your company. We create the best projects for your needs, track the progress, deliver and manage it if you need.

Disaster Receovery Center

Telcoroute Disaster Recovery Center Service is very vital for the sustainability of all your services during any kind of disaster situation in your region. You may not need to use this service for many years but we ensure that you will secure and offset the cost if you are obliged to use it even just once. This service is the guarantee and insurance of your system and company. Telcoroute works with you on the detail of different disaster scenarios and turns them into a project and manages effectively.

Backup Services

Telcoroute Backup Service helps you to back up your data against all kind of hardware faults from your servers and systems and ensures that your system continues to work. We prepare a project and manage it for you with our Backup Service.