Technology makes the life easier, but it is almost impossible to follow the new technologies and innovations for many companies and IT Managers. The engineers and managers of Telcoroute follow all the innovations and new technologies for you and ensure safety and continuity of your system with Telcoroute hardware and integrator solutions that are tested and approved. Telcoroute offers special solutions for your company and creates, manages and delivers projects.

Infrastructure Services – WAN-LAN Solutions

Telcoroute ensures continuity of your system with in-house and outhouse cable solutions and brand & model active-passive equipment tested by its engineers. We also ensure your information security with our firewall solutions.

Infrastructure Control

Our engineers and experts make all the required tests and controls for you and remove all risks factors and prevent possible problems.

Penetration Test

Internet facilitates our professional and private life. However, this brings information security risks which are difficult to manage. Telcorute engineers test the security level of your system and offer the best solutions to minimize your risk. Your data is in safe with us.

City Security Management System

Telcoroute City Security Management System offers wired and wireless city security solutions with high quality and low cost.