Telcoroute is authorized by Information and Communications Technologies Authority (BTK) as a Telecommunication Operator and provides you all telecom services you need.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

As internet service provider Telcoroute ensures your connection to the world fast and safe. We bring fast and backed up telecom services to your system room.

Metro thernet / Fiber

Before the fiber technology, infrastructure and telecommunication services were provided through copper cables and lines in a very low speed. We can have high speed access thanks to the fiber cable technologies. With Telcoroute Fiber Services you can reach internet with high speed wherever you are.


In the areas of no access to fiber wire services, Telcoroute provides wireless Metro Ethernet Service which is equal to fiber quality and speed with laser transfer technology.

G.SHDSL Services

Telcoroute ensures serivces with low cost and speed through GSHDSL services according to your needs.

P2P (Point to Point) Services

Through our fiber and radio link technologies, we connect your branch offices and customers to your company center or to the point you want with high speed and quality.

SMS Services

You can send your customers campaign and information SMS with our bulk SMS services and reach many people economically.

VOIP Services

You can make safe and economic phone calls with Telcoroute VOIP services and reduce your costs.